The Art

Of Cricket

Exhibition Overview

Cricket and art have much in common – for the players, the artists and the spectators. The two arenas – cricket and art – share a sense of inclusiveness and understanding that perfection may not be achieved but striving for it is what matters. Both areas are open to diversity of culture and nature.  At the highest level of involvement whether of practice or observation, both attract people with some degree of commitment (addiction?) to the activity. True players and artists are driven to succeed.

Cricketers and artists must be courageous. They put themselves on show and set themselves up for scrutiny and criticism. There is nowhere to hide when out on a cricket ground or when standing beside your painting. Words no longer count. It is your actions which are judged.

Visually, in both cricket and painting, there must be a balance and communion of repetitive movement, of patterns of lines, angles, light and shade and colours – both primary and complex. An artist must be aware of these elements and master them to engage a viewer and manipulate observers to communicate a feeling or a message. She needs to understand her viewers. The cricket player must use her response to light, to angles, to speed and to her understanding of physical elements and human intent or manipulation of these elements. She needs to understand her opposition.

In both fields there is no place for complacency. Previous performance does not count. There is only this current outcome. Attention to detail will determine success or failure. Success is measured by scores and results and by response and results.

Emotionally, both artist and cricketer share many of the same drivers. Both strive for a degree of perfection. The artist strives for excellence in messaging and reflecting her thoughts and environment. The cricketer strives for excellence in her own performance. The batter always wants to better her score and that of her opponents. The bowler wants to take every wicket. The artist hopes every painting will be her masterpiece. All understand that perfection may elude them but they all keep striving.

Cricketers and artists are competitive – primarily with themselves.

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